History of BCC Media

BCC Media is an association within Brunstad Christian Church (BCC). BCC originated in 1898 and was first organized as a church in Norway in the 1930s, with the first set of bylaws established in 1993 and constituted as an international federation in 2021.

The head office and the church’s daily operations are located in Norway, in the Moss municipality. Local churches across Norway, Europe, Africa, South America, Canada, Asia, and the United States comprise approximately 25,000 members.

BCC’s purpose is to promote the Christian faith, based on the teachings of the Bible and offer a positive and healthy Christian environment, thereby creating a good framework for personal, spiritual and social development.

BCC Media’s history began in 1998, when BCC first started with broadcasts of evangelical events and conferences. Content created by BCC Media to date include:

  • Over 2 million hours of media consumption across all platforms
  • 2 annual Bible study projects
  • 2 annual live theme evenings for 5000 youth
  • 2 annual chapters for Bible Kids Explorers, an interactive media experience for kids with live-action Bible feature films and group games in a time travel adventure
  • 4 annual live services for 3000 children
  • 2 annual live services for 4000 tweens
  • Streaming app with over 50 animated Bible stories for kids

Board of Trustees

Barry Couts

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Michele Scanlan
Secretary & Treasurer

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John Gibson

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Administrative Team

Arve Solli

Head of Studio, Gate Zero

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Johannes Schmechel

Managing Director, BCC Media

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Michelle Dokken

Market & Funder Research

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Matthias Hauptmann

Chief Operating Officer, BCC Media

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Eunice Lenk

Marketing & Community Manager, Gate Zero

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Creative Team

The team behind Gate Zero is a group of passionate game developers who strongly believe in the powerful medium of gaming and its role in engaging, educating, and inspiring youth today.

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